2016 Blacksmith Award

2016 Blacksmith Award from the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)

The Blacksmith is the Top Award for the Year’s Best Branding Campaign
Awarded to FUSIONWRX for their Multi-Channel Self-Promotion; Your Marketing SOCKS!

FUSIONWRX, a Flottman Company Self-Promotional Campaign was honored for it multi-channel communications strategy.  Incorporating commercial folded printing, dimensional direct mail, website landing pages, personalization marketing and multiple email blasts.  From the campaign FUSIONWRX was able to put themselves on the radar for multiple clients.  Our goal was to get in front of our prospective clients and make an impact that would generate a response. While we received very positive feedback, even those that were taken aback by what our bold message was insinuating – “YOUR MARKETING SOCKS!” – we are sure that they still saw our message and will not forget us when they see our name again.

Your Marketing Socks - Screenshots Survey







See the entire list of honorees:

View the award-winning campaign at our Behance Page:

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