Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky are home to an incredible array of advertising and marketing agencies. We count ourselves as lucky to mix and mingle with our talented peers in the field and believe there is room for all of us. FusionWrx differentiates itself from other shops in the area in that we truly get excited about crafting the perfect mix of online and offline marketing to deliver compelling results to our clients.

We specialize in creating, planning, and executing advertising and marketing campaigns on behalf of businesses and organizations. We work closely with our clients to understand their marketing objectives and target audience, and then develop and implement creative strategies to promote their products, services, or lift up their brand.

Our clients come to us for our expertise in:

Advertising Strategy and Planning: We collaborate with clients to develop comprehensive advertising strategies aligned with their marketing goals. We conduct market research, analyze target audiences, and determine the most effective advertising channels and tactics to reach the desired audience.

Creative Development: This is one of our favorite places to play in! Our design team is responsible for creating compelling and engaging  concepts and campaigns. We love a good brainstorm that helps us deliver powerful creative against a client campaign. Sometimes that looks like website development or a print piece for an in-person event, or it could be that digital board you drive by on your way to work. We are also borderline fanatical about staying aligned with our client’s brand identity.

Media Planning and Buying: This is a big one, because there are not a lot of agencies left that include media planning and buying on their capability rosters. At FusionWrx, we determine the most suitable media platforms to reach our client’s target audience effectively. We negotiate and purchase ad placements across various channels such as television, radio, print, outdoor billboards, digital platforms, and social media.

Digital Advertising: Not one to sit firmly in only the offline camp, we also specialize in online advertising across various platforms. We develop digital marketing strategies, create ads, implement conversion campaigns, manage social media advertising, and optimize campaigns based on data and analytics. We love nothing more than incredible creative placed intentionally in the online space where it gets to shine.

Public Relations: Not sure if that event you’re promoting needs to be a media advisory or a press release? We do. We offer PR services to help businesses manage their public image and reputation, and to keep their brand name in the mix.

Analytics and Reporting: There’s nothing like granular analytics to let you know if you are delivering on the performance of a campaign.  We use various tools and metrics to measure reach, engagement, conversions, and ROI. Regular reports and insights are provided to our clients to assess campaign effectiveness and make data-driven decisions.

Print: Our parent company, Flottman Company, has specialized in world-class printing since 1921. Our digital and offset print expertise provides multiple solutions for our client’s print needs.  FusionWrx offices share space with our printing family, and our stable of designers know how to design for print and how to make your collateral look its best.

Overall, FusionWrx acts as a strategic partner for businesses, helping them create impactful advertising campaigns, maximize their reach and visibility, and achieve their marketing objectives. We bring together creative talent, strategic thinking, market research, and industry expertise to develop and execute campaigns that resonate with the target audience and drive business growth.