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Public Relations

Share your message with the media – we tell your story, highlight your differentiators and promote your success. We will tell everyone how great your business is.

Our media outreach home runs include placements in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Print Solutions, Cincinnati Business Courier and numerous industry specific publications.  The breathe of our efforts include print placements, however in today’s more and more digital, mobile focused world; we target any and all online opportunities.

From every media spotlight shined on you and your business we are able to parley that placement into social media, re-purpose for case studies, place in your blog and much more.  We are award-winning content providers and pride ourselves on our abilities to dissect content to be re-purposed!

These media opportunities provide you and your company with great third party recognition, search engine optimization numbers and public notoriety.  These efforts elevate your brand and your brand value – that is why we work to include these often called earned media placements as a part of our multi-channel campaigns.  If we don’t tell your story – who will?

Whether on a regional, national or industry specific level: we will get your story out there.

Present us your Challenge!