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Thanks for joining us at the Corken Steel Home Comfort Expo. We were happy to be a part of such a great event, and we’re glad you were able to participate as well. Are you ready to step up your marketing efforts? We recommend starting with directory management, including managing your Google My Business page. Learn more below, and call Byron at 513.315.8240 when you’re ready to get started.

Google My Business

Google My Business content is utilized by numerous other search engines for directory information.

An active presence with your Google My Business (GMB) page signals to Google that your business is alive and thriving! Just having reviews and a few stock photos won't work like it did in the old days. The UX (User Experience) and Zero Click findability is what Google is striving to provide the user. The more content, photos and information you provide the more your business will be ranked for organic search.

Own your search results!

Optimized GMB Page

Unoptimized GMB Page

Marketing Advisor

We were proud to work with Corken Steel to develop their Marketing Advisor to help your business succeed.

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Ready to take your marketing to the next level? Call Byron at 513.315.8240.