4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Website Ranking on Google (SEO)

SEO Image - 4 Way to Improve SEO Rankings

You hear more and more everyday about the importance of search engine optimization (SEO).  With over 1 billion searches performed every day on Google, it is advantageous to rank higher on the results page and you can do this by improved SEO implementations.  Here are four simple techniques that anyone can easily do to improve ranking on Google search.

Content: Keep your website FRESH! Periodically add new keyword-rich content to your website.  Invest time in a blog, shared media placements and award announcements.  Adding social media to your homepage is an easy way to update new content with little effort.  For example, Facebook will populate your latest post to your website and does it immediately when Facebook serves it up – instant new content!

Images: Is your website full of great images? Are those images mobile ready?  What if I am unable to view the image?  Here is a secret to better images: add keyword-heavy content to fill in the image description tag.  Review every image on your site and add a description that details what the image represents and be certain to make it keyword focused.  People that are unable to load your images will have this text as a default.  This is another way to easily improve your rankings by building your keyword quantity.

Meta Tags: While you are in the website adding content to those images be certain to check each page’s meta tag.  This is the text that appears when a Google search page is populated. Meta tag descriptions are where Google focuses their attention.  Your meta tag should correctly describe the page content and be keyword strong.  This content is uniformed, quantity limited and often the first impression of your website.

Flottman Company Meta Tag Example

Meta tag descriptions are where Google focuses their attention. Your meta tag should correctly describe the page content and be keyword strong. This content is uniformed, quantity limited and often the first impression of your website.

Cross Links: Adding internal links to your pages encourages the visitor to spend more time on your website. Google monitors not only the bounce rate, how many people leave your site after viewing one page, but how long people spend on your website.  Have clickable URLs in your copy that lead the reader to more relevant information on another page of your site – include links back to the original article too.  If you can keep a visitor engaged over multiple pages on your website Google rewards you with a higher quality score, leading to a higher search ranking.  Google determines that if someone is taking the time to navigate through your site then your content must be relevant to their initial search.  Google then makes it a priority to share your site with people performing similar searches, moving your website up in the rankings.

These are four easy steps that will enable you to reap the benefits of Google.  Ultimately you will direct more and more of those billion of searches on Google to your website.  Take a snapshot of how your website currently ranks for your primary search words.  Then implement these easy improvements and watch your SEO climb.

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