Case Studies

For the past 5 years, the City of Crestview Hills, Kentucky has hosted a free summer concert series in the parking lot of the Crestview Hills Town Center in an effort to provide family-friendly outings for members of their community. Although they had steady attendance at past concerts, they wanted to grow the event even more in 2017 to provide a fun night out for families across the Northern Kentucky area and to showcase what Crestview Hills has to offer. FUSIONWRX was proud to help our city achieve these goals.

"Most enjoyable evening I have spent in years!"

Promote the concerts to a wider audience and inform residents of other communities about the events to grow attendance. Develop a new identity for the concerts that reflects their fun and carefree atmosphere. Get feedback from concertgoers to aid in tracking results and to allow for additional growth.

A comparison of the advertising for the 2016 and 2017 Soul Pocket concerts.

We created a new identity for the concert series to embody the carefree summer nights the concerts provide. Using bright colors, bold imagery and contrasting fonts, we created inviting and energetic advertising that conveyed the important information clearly. Our campaign utilized social media, billboards and flyers to promote the events. All of the marketing materials used similar layouts and design to establish continuity and familiarity.

Billboards in the community ensured our marketing reached a wide audience.

"Lovely evening out tonight. Great weather, good music! This was our first concert here; we were surprised by the big crowd!"

Facebook posts informed the Crestview Hills community about the events and encouraged them to like and share the posts to broaden our reach.

The concerts were a huge success and had record attendance! The July concert featuring the Eagles tribute band Hotel California had an attendance of nearly 3,000, their largest audience yet. The crowd represented over 35 cities across Kentucky and Ohio. The event space had to be extended to accommodate the crowds. The city received lots of positive feedback from surveys distributed to concert-goers and they were very happy with the level of success that was achieved.

"We love going to these concerts. All of our neighbors go and sit together every time. We have a great night out in Crestview Hills!"

The 2017 concerts had record attendance! Check out these crowds!

"Your work on the Crestview Hills Summer Concert Series stood out, and was particularly cool to me!"  
                                                                                                                                - Sarah at OOHToday Media

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