Case Studies

Rusty Schubert was a teaching pro at the Cincinnati Tennis Club (CTC) and the Eastern Hills Indoor Facility for more than 30 years.  He is a longtime board member of the Greater Cincinnati Tennis Association and has authored a book about junior tennis.  In 2013, Schubert was enshrined into the Cincinnati Tennis Hall of Fame.
After retiring from the CTC in 2014, Schubert turned his attention to bettering the sport for others. His tennis experiences on and off the court have made him an expert for court design, maintenance and tennis education.  Schubert Tennis works directly with educational institutions, recreational facilities and the individual tennis lover for clay court, hard court and indoor court development.  His consultations are requested, respected and highly proclaimed across the Cincinnati, Ohio Tri-State Region.

The question was:  How can we Introduce Schubert Tennis to the entire Tristate region as THE expert on court resurfacing & development, acquire more leads, more repeat clients and ULTIMATELY more sales?

Put Schubert Tennis on the map by capitalizing on Rusty’s acquired fame from years of tennis experiences.  We will introduce additional communication outlets like social media, a website product catalog and allow dramatic imagery to tell his story.

Utilizing social media outlets, Facebook and Linked In, we introduced Schubert Tennis to new communication outlets in order to keep Rusty in direct contact with his potential clients while raising overall brand awareness.  We also married the newly established social media to a complete overhaul and redesign of the Schubert Tennis website.  The website was built with a search engine optimization focus utilizing keyword heavy content, descriptive metatags and multiple internal site cross links.

We also produced new branded stationary for Schubert Tennis complimented by a series of informational flyers targeting specific sales verticals.   Each flyer offers relative, impactful testimonials and imagery with respect to the target audience, including those seeking a personal court, institutions with multiple courts and educational facilities with diverse surfaces.  

In addition to the new website, social media, stationary and informational flyers, we designed a die-cut collateral piece that symbolized Schubert Tennis. By incorporating the tennis ball from his logo into the shape and design of this brochure we create a visably captivating piece.  This is an impressive, informative and memorable connection to Schubert Tennis; not only does the piece share the message of who Schubert Tennis is, but does so in a unique and interesting manner.

ABOVE: (FAR LEFT) Previous Schubert Tennis landing page  (RIGHT) New and improved Schubert Tennis website landing page
Informational die-cut sales brochure
ABOVE: (LEFT) Flyers targeting specific sales verticals, showcasing Schubert customer testimonials (RIGHT) Mobile screenshot of Schubert Tennis NEW Facebook page

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