Case Studies

The Cincinnati Mine Machinery Company is an industry leader in the production of mining machinery, chains and conveyors. In business for nearly a century, they hold over 50 patents as a result of their commitment to developing cutting-edge technology, and many of the patents now mark industry standards. FUSIONWRX was tasked with refreshing the company's promotional look book that is used as a corporate introduction piece, a handout at trade shows and as a leave behind by sales representatives.

Demonstrate with imagery that the Cincinnati Mine Machinery Company is the strongest link. Leave a lasting impression on new and/or potential clients, share the company's story in a captivating way and present Cincinnati Mine Machinery as an industry leader, ultimately generating more business for the company.

Our redesigned look book with their previous book. We modernized and simplified the design to create an informative and engaging piece.

Modernize look book with a clean and precise layout to represent the innovation the company is known for; eliminate cumbersome text and distracting background images to create a streamlined look that reflects their engineering focus and attention to detail. Incorporate products' signature green color into the book's color scheme to capitalize on the positive connotations the color has in the industry.

A few Cincinnati Mine Machinery's signature green parts.

FUSIONWRX created a 9 x 12, 16-page look book, increasing both the presentation size and page quantity of the previous book. A focus on white space, a limited color palette, and a crisp, modern font allow for a precise and clean design that is inviting and easy to read. Large, bright images throughout the book showcase the products the company has to offer, and highlight the green color that has become synonymous with quality in the mining industry thanks to Cincinnati Mine Machinery. This straightforward and methodical layout appeals to the companies that Cincinnati Mine Machinery is targeting to receive the book and purchase their products.

A look at a spread in the look book, showing the long history of the company.

We tied in the company's tagline, "the strongest link," throughout the piece to reiterate their status as an industry leader, and added pages that highlight how the company embodies the characteristics of service, quality and reliability. These pages can be used as stand alone pieces and can easily be reworked as ads for the company to establish a consistent advertising appearance.

We incorporated a pocket folder into the back cover for the placement of product specific one-pagers, and a business card slit on that folder allows for a complete and convenient information package.

The back cover and the inside back cover with the pocket folder for including additional information.

The new book also features information about the multiple charities Cincinnati Mine Machinery supports, revealing the company's commitment and contribution to their community. The company has been giving back to their community without recognition, and we thought their efforts deserved some appreciation.

We transformed their outdated book into a piece that effectively and efficiently communicates the service, quality and reliability that the Cincinnati Mine Machinery Company guarantees.

Initial client response has been overwhelming as clients are requesting multiple books. The sales staff has been proudly distributing these personally as a door-opener. The biggest response came from the founding father when he said,

"This really defines who we are!"

Pages waiting to be cut and folded into the books.

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